Galaxy Porcelain Panel 2019 Guangzhou Design Week

Galaxy Porcelain Panel 2019 Guangzhou Design Week

December 11, 2019

 The 2019 Guangzhou Design Week with the theme of "new born" ended successfully on December 08th,2019. As Asia's premier design industry event,This year Guangzhou Design Week gathered 1000+ brands and 300+ big designers from 20+ countries to “speak” to discuss the future of the development of the pan-design industry. The scale and content of the exhibition reached a new high level. Hundreds of thousands of viewers came here to experience the new life and evolution of design.

On the Guangzhou Design Week, Marshal Ceramics broke through the traditional boundaries with the "M Asterisk" and made its debut as a freshman with a distinctive attitude. It presented design and future imagination with creative design.

This design week, the exhibition theme of Marshal Ceramics, "M. Xingsheng", is highly consistent with the brand's innovative and progressive development concept.
Inspired by the interstellar spacecraft symbolizing discovery and exploration, the "M Asterisk" exhibition area full of design, futurism and vitality fully explained the brand spirit of Marshal Ceramics "active, enterprising and courageous exploration," Bring you an immersive exhibition experience with excellent results.


  During the four-days’ exhibition, the Marshal Ceramics “M Asterisk” exhibition area attracted many visitors to experience it deeply. The unique creative design and stylish texture products won the attention of a large number of visitors. Appearance has become a very eye-catching new hot spot in Design Week.


Among them, members of the "M galaxy" who have made their debut with a distinctive new look-new products of the 1200x2400mm Galaxy Slab, Celanya Modern Tile, Star Glitter Tile, and All-round Marble series launched by Marshal Ceramics. With an excellent face value and texture, the interpretation of a dream-like high-level space aesthetics has earned enough attention and praise in this exhibition.



The refreshing creative concept and product design made the exhibitors express a high degree of recognition and appreciation. Many designer friends and dealer partners gave affirmation to the breakthrough and new life of Marshal Ceramics. And said that this breakthrough evolution passed on to them a more forward-looking brand new image and a stronger confidence in cooperation. 



"If product is the core of marketing, then service is the soul of marketing."
As the first annual list to select high-quality dealers from the perspective of designer selection and service capabilities, the "China Design Selection Gold Service Provider" selection activity has been highly sought after and recognized by the home improvement design industry since its launch. After several months of review covering the whole country, on December 7, the Marshal Ceramics Tianjin Marketing Center won the recognition of the review team for its excellent comprehensive strength and first-class service level, and was awarded the "2019 China Design and Selection Gold Service TOP100" , The strength to win certification! 

This design week, the shocking appearance of Marshal Ceramics and the “M Asterisk” not only interpreted the high-quality brand image of Marshal Ceramics' innovative and enterprising spirit, but also self-breakthrough, and also explained the breakthrough and development of Marshal Ceramics in the brand IP upgrade strategy Direction. The large-span innovation and leap forward attracted countless attention at the exhibition, and were widely recognized and praised by designers, media friends and partners.

In the future, Marshal Ceramics will embrace the concept of rebirth and evolution, and create greater value for brands and products with design forces that continue to grow and break through, provide better services and support for partners, and build a stronger industry development and upgrade. Driving force!

Constantly exploring and discovering, constantly innovating and making breakthroughs, just as human beings have never ceased to explore the boundless interstellar space, the general ceramic has never stopped exploring and creating a better life!

Galaxy Porcelain Panel