Marshal's Annual Conference of Distributors in 2019 is grandly held!

Marshal's Annual Conference of Distributors in 2019 is grandly held!

June 04, 2019

In 2018, China's home building materials industry has undergone a new round of great changes. With the changes of the national economic environment, the adjustment of environmental protection policies, the development of the trend of home decoration industry and the changes of new consumer groups, the industry and brand have ushered in a critical period of transformation and upgrading.

In 2019, facing the opportunities and challenges coexisting in the industry and market environment, Marshal Enterprises are aware of the situation, actively seek change, drive future growth with brand upgrading, and vow to win the journey of the new year!

January 3, "IP Upgrade Brand Driven Growth" Marshal Enterprise Annual Conference of Distributors 2019 was grandly held in Hilton Hotel Foshan, Guangdong Province! Mr. Liu Chaoyang, Chairman of Marshal Enterprise, Mr. Tan Xiaowen, Marshal Manager of Group Marketing, Mr. Zhao Jing, Enterprise Management Consultant, Mr. Liu Hao, Director of Enterprise Image Construction Center, and other enterprise leaders gathered together with nearly 1000 heavy guests from distributors, industry experts, home decoration partners and media friends from all over the country to promote the rapid evolution and development of enterprises in the new era. Grade sounds the trumpet of sailing!

At the summit, "brand" became the most frequently used word. If the hard power of products, services and teams is the body of an enterprise, then brand IP is the soul of an enterprise. It constructs a new image system of the enterprise itself, thus establishing the emotional resonance and thinking recognition between the enterprise and consumers. 

In today's product, marketing homogeneity and increasingly competitive market environment, brand IP, as the most distinctive logo of an enterprise, has gradually become a key element to create differentiation advantages, and has also become the theme of the summit vocabulary. As a winning point, its attention and frequency have become the most frequent.

 Standing on the strategic height of enterprise development, Mr. Liu Chaoyang, chairman of Marshal Enterprise, and Mr. Tan Xiaowen, Marshal manager of group marketing, have paid great attention to and strongly supported the optimization and upgrading of brand IP image, and have made a series of strategic plans with brand IP matrix as the core.

Faced with the market environment of coexistence of challenges and opportunities, Mr. Liu Chaoyang, chairman of Marshal Enterprise, emphasized the necessity of brand IP upgrading, and solemnly expressed that all-round brand upgrading will be the firm development direction of enterprises in 2019.

In order to promote the construction of brand IP matrix more efficiently and qualitatively, Mr. Tan Xiaowen, Marshal Manager of Marketing of Marshal Enterprise, has put forward a series of strategies and service support for the brand upgrading of enterprises and terminals in the aspects of marketing, management, terminal and service.

The construction and upgrading of brand IP matrix is related to the lifeline of brand evolution. In 2019, the Marshal Enterprise will build a multi-directional and sustained brand IP matrix within the framework of brand culture, product system, display image and marketing channels, thus creating a high-end brand image with great vitality and appeal.

In view of the current market situation, consumer demand and enterprise development, Mr. Liu Hao, Director of Marshal's Corporate Image Construction Center, has deeply analyzed the specific direction and policy of brand IP matrix construction from the aspects of image, channel and height, so as to realize all-round brand evolution and promote the re-upgrading of brand influence and competitiveness.

As an important part of the matrix, the upgrading of terminal display image is very important. For this reason, Mr. Peng Zhongtao, the head of Marshal Enterprise Space Design, has brought you a new display and interpretation of terminal image norms in 2019, which provides a strong internal impetus for the construction and promotion of brand IP matrix.

As the fate community of enterprises, as well as the indispensable pillar of brand IP matrix, Marshal Enterprises also focus on the growth of dealer partners, and create a broad growth platform for them.

To this end, Marshal Business Management Consultant Mr. Zhao Jing, through the construction of Marshal Business College as a learning and communication platform to inherit and sublimate brand culture, further strengthens the comprehensive strength of enterprises and distributors, forges strong momentum for the common development of both sides!

The first batch of internal trainers of the Marshal Business School were awarded honorary certificates. In the future, these excellent talents will serve as the backbone of the Marshal Business School and the link of inheritance. They will continue to deepen and inherit the core of brand IP culture, and help enterprises and distributor partners transform and upgrade and grow through multi-dimension.

At the same time, the sharing and exchange of excellent examples, the grand recognition and the deepening of emotional ties between manufacturers will further stimulate and promote the growth and evolution of both sides, laying the foundation for the leap forward development of 2019.

While pushing forward its brand IP upgrade, Marshal Enterprise also actively seeks support and cooperation from many sides. With its strong strength and strong brand influence, Marshal Enterprise has reached a strategic cooperative relationship with the Ceramic Research Center of China Architectural Decoration Branch and Tencent Home. Industry, brand and media work together to promote brand upgrade and promote industry development and create a broader future. The future of development!

In 2019, for Marshal Enterprises, it is a key year for the brand to achieve the Great Leap Forward. Standing at the starting point of the new year and new journey, Marshal Enterprise will firmly upgrade the direction and pace of brand IP, and work hand in hand with the vast number of distributors and partners to create brilliant!