The Peng Dehuai Spirit Pillar Donation Ceremony and the Marshal Love Charity Project Conference

The Peng Dehuai Spirit Pillar Donation Ceremony and the Marshal Love Charity Project Conference

June 20, 2019

The spiritual wealth left by General Peng Dehuai for future generations is invaluable. Love is like a child, not in danger, and is arrogant and arrogant. It is such a character with a clear personality. He is always fearless of life and death, and only wins a peaceful life for thousands of people.

To commemorate the 120th anniversary of Peng Dehuai's birth, inheriting the red gene, bearing in mind the military soul, the Marshal ceramics and the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall held a donation ceremony on October 23rd in Hunan Xiangtan with the theme of "General, Meet the Patriotism" The conference of the cum general love charity project.

The event invited Major General Liu Xiaolian, Major General Chen Zhenglie, and relatives of Peng Dehuai Marshal Peng Yu, Ms. Zhang Shenghua, Mr. Peng Jing and Mr. Zhang Feng, Xiangtan City Care for the Next Generation Working Committee, Mr. Yang Xinrong, Deputy County Magistrate of Xiangtan County People's Government, Xiangtan Mr. Wang Huiyan, the county care committee for the next generation, Mr. Liu Xiaonian, the deputy director of the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall, Mr. Peng Dehuai, the teacher and student representative of the primary school, Mr. Liu Chaoyang, the chairman of the Marshal ceramics, representatives of the ceramic industry association and well-known media attended the event and witnessed the conference. The whole process.

In order to understand and promote Peng Dehuai's spirit more comprehensively, this conference is divided into three chapters: cherishing the revolutionary deeds of Peng Dehuai, advocating the spirit of Peng Dehuai's revolution and then inheriting the red gene: "Protection of the defending country and tribute to the country"; "; and "the fire is passed on to light the future."

At the press conference, Liu Xiaonian, deputy director of the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall, mentioned that when President Xi was looking at the former residence of Peng Dehuai, he said to the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall that "you must build a good hometown for the great man and do a good job in this patriotic education base." . In recent years, the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall has kept in mind the enthusiasm of General Secretary Xi and has been working hard to promote the spirit of Peng Dehuai.

Since last year, the Preparatory Committee has carefully organized the design and construction to create the Peng Dehuai Spiritual Advocacy Center. The purpose is to tell the story of Peng and to inherit the spirit of General Peng. In order to help the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall to welcome visitors who came to see the spirit of Peng Dehuai with a new look, the generals have devoted themselves to the reconstruction and repair work of the memorial hall.

Yang Xinrong, the leader of the Xiangtan County Committee, used the "sinking water source, always grateful, and carrying forward the patriotic spirit of the revolutionary martyrs as his own responsibility, with a strong sense of social responsibility and a sense of historical mission." In a few short sentences, the Marshal ceramics helped to rebuild the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall and donated Peng Dehuai's spiritual column. The Marshal' ceramics also received great encouragement.

At the same time, Peng Dehuai hopes that the primary school students will wear red scarves and flowers for the old heads. The predecessors planted trees to enjoy the cold, and the revolutionary years did not dare to forget, and the road to change will be more motivated.

Looking back at history is to keep in mind the mission and build a better home. In this activity, the Marshal ceramics donated to the six spiritual columns of the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall, representing the six characters of Marshal Peng Dehuai - "for the people", "pragmatic", "clean", "loyal", "serving", "clean" . These six spiritual columns are placed in the atrium of the Peng Dehuai Spiritual Advocacy Center, allowing the people of the country to understand the character of General Peng Dehuai more intuitively and to encourage future generations!

In addition, during the donation ceremony at the scene, Chairman Liu Chaoyang issued a scholarship to 20 poor students from Peng Dehuai Hope Primary School to fund their dream campus.

Liu Chaoyang, chairman of the Marshal ceramics company, said, "Today's donation ceremony and public welfare project launch conference is just a small step in the "Marshal Miles" of the Marshal' ceramics inheriting the spirit of patriotism and practicing corporate social responsibility. The form of learning focuses on the growth of the next generation, and will also contribute to the public service of the society, spreading the love of the generals ceramics throughout the land of China."

To commemorate the 120th anniversary of Peng Dehuai’s birth and the opening of the Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall, Peng Dehuai hopes that the children of the primary school will leave a name on the signature scroll of the 10,000 people. The long-volume volume of thousands of students has collected thousands of students and social love letters signed by the book, meaning the patriotic relay, the love is passed, the significance is very significant. Deputy Director Liu of Peng Dehuai Memorial Hall gave back the book "Peng Dehuai Biography", hoping that the children will recognize, pass on and carry forward the spirit of Peng Dehuai in the future.

"Generals respect the generals, meet the patriotism", General Peng Dajun outstanding merits, full of sincerity to the national heart. The Marshal ceramics are 15 years old, not false, not empty talk, insisting on satisfying every consumer's demand with true quality and true service, and won the top 500 most valuable brands in China in 2016. The Marshal ceramics inherit the red genes. When they return to their reputations, they will not forget their original intentions, and they will do their part to contribute to society.