ceramic tile reface global ceramic tile manufacturer rank top 25 marshal ceramics co., ltd

ceramic tile reface global ceramic tile manufacturer rank top 25 marshal ceramics co., ltd

October 13, 2023

The steady growth of a brand is inseparable from the solid construction of its own field. On October 11, 2023, the much-anticipated "Statistical Ranking of the World's Top 100 Ceramic Bathroomware" was released. The top 30 global ceramic tiles, the top 30 global ceramic production, the top 30 ceramic production capacity (China), etc. were simultaneously released at the event. Multiple key lists, and analysis of growing companies, global production areas and world ceramic tile fashion trends.


It is reported that the "World Top 100 Ceramic and Bathroom Statistical Rankings" and related lists were initiated by Taocheng News. After a year of data review and scientific statistical analysis, the statistical objects include global ceramics, sanitary ware companies, ceramic equipment and materials companies, and the main rankings are Based on corporate revenue, output, production capacity and other data in fiscal year 2022, the statistics follow the principles of objectivity, fairness, science and rigor.

With its strong comprehensive strength, Marshal Ceramics Group ranks 25th on the list of the world's top 30 ceramic tile companies and 57th on the world's top 100 ceramic sanitary ware list. At the same time, it has entered the top 30 list of global ceramic production and top 30 ceramic production capacity (China) List.



Being ranked among the top 100 ceramic sanitary ware companies in the world this time is an affirmation that Marshal Ceramics Group has not forgotten its original intention and adheres to the ceramic industry. It also fully reflects that Marshal Ceramics Group adheres to innovative development, green development and intelligent development in the new era and new development pattern. Integrated, it has always maintained an upward trend and consolidated the group's strong strength in the field of intelligent manufacturing.

Top 30 tiles in the world
Strong overall performance

Top 30 ceramic tiles in the world! It is not only an honorary title, but also represents a high standard model in the field of architectural ceramics in China. There are 14 ceramic tile companies in China on the list based on their strength. Marshal Ceramics Group ranks 25th in the world. This not only demonstrates the strong comprehensive strength and vitality of the General brand, but also comprehensively reflects its production strength, intelligent manufacturing strength, product quality, technological innovation, Comprehensive levels such as consumer reputation are at the forefront of the industry.
With more than 20 years of hard work, Marshal Ceramics Group has made steady progress on the road of development, constantly advancing with the times, and is well-known in the industry for technological innovation and product innovation. It has been recognized as a "National High-tech Enterprise" and won the "Green Ceramics Industry" "Production Benchmark Enterprise", "Technology Innovation Award", "China Green Product Certification Certificate" and other honors; participated in the drafting of a number of national standards, including the "Ceramic Slate Product Specification" initiated by the China Building Materials Circulation Association. China Building Materials and The compilation of home furnishing professional standards and the national-level industry association version of the "Ceramic Slate" standard will effectively create value for consumers and the industry, and lead the healthy development of the industry.

Top 30 ceramic tile production in the world
Intelligent manufacturing leader

Ranked 26th among the top 30 global ceramic tile producers and top 30 ceramic production capacity (China)! Winning this honor fully proves that Marshal Ceramics Group has always been at the forefront of the industry in terms of production strength. It has three major production bases, covering an area of more than 3,500 acres, with an annual production capacity of over 100 million square meters. It cooperates with Italian Sacmi, Modena, Excellent companies such as Meijia have established strategic alliances and cooperation, introduced large-scale, digital, and intelligent production lines, industrial intelligent robots, and advanced process technologies, implemented strict environmental protection management systems, and established intelligent manufacturing systems and green production systems. One of the leading companies in the industry's comprehensive competitiveness. The strong guarantee of production capacity has laid a solid foundation for brand building, and has also become a strong foundation for the brand's continuous improvement.

Take an active role
High quality development of enterprises
From products to brands, what is improved is not only performance, technology and quality, but also spirit, pattern and responsibility. Marshal Ceramics Group is guided by the green and low-carbon development strategy and actively formulates practical corporate development plans. From the early "coal-to-gas" conversion to the later renovation of photovoltaic power plants, from traditional production equipment to the world's leading slate equipment, we have deeply integrated the practice of green environmental protection concepts with modern intelligent manufacturing to contribute to a green future.

Standing at a new starting point, Marshal Ceramics Group seizes the important opportunities brought by the construction of a new development pattern and relies on the strong domestic market to continuously improve the professionalism, marketization, and internationalization level and capabilities of brand building. This year, there are even more big moves, such as the 20th anniversary celebration of "Twenty Directions·Century Generals", the opening of the headquarters exhibition hall of "Huanxing·Yushifu", the resumption of production at the production base and the ignition of kilns, the "Hundred Generals Struggle for Hegemony", "Star "Linkage" and exhibition hall upgrades... Marshal Ceramics Group actively seizes the opportunities of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, continuously enhances the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and demonstrates the responsibility and responsibility of the construction and ceramics enterprises through transformation and development.

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