Does the marble tile have radiation?

Does the marble tile have radiation?

December 30, 2019

         The marble tile texture is natural and has a strong decorative effect. But many people are using the marble tile paste but they are starting to get scared again. This is because there are some words on the market about the harmfulness of marble tiles. The most worrying thing is whether the marble tiles have radiation.

          Many people think that marble tiles are marble, so they also think that marble tiles also contain radiation. This understanding does not hold, because marble tiles and marble are different decoration materials for Shu Yong. Marble can be divided into natural marble and artificial marble. Natural marble is naturally formed limestone after high temperature calcination, so there are certain radioactive elements. If you want to move into the home to make decorative objects, you need to inspect it according to professional standards. In order to make decorative objects.

          Artificial marble is a man-made marble. Chemical auxiliary materials are added during the production process, and there is a certain amount of radiation. The marble tile only contains marble in its name, but it is not marble in nature, so there is generally no radioactive element in marble. Does this mean that marble tiles have radiation? This question is not valid

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         Marble tiles equal tiles

         Since marble tiles are not marble, what is it? In fact, it is a ceramic tile with similar characteristics to marble, and its performance is better than marble. Marble tiles are A-type tiles in the type of tiles, which have the lowest level of radioactivity, so the scope of production and sales will not be limited. Marble tiles for general households are within the standard control of radioactivity, and there is no radiation to our human health. Therefore, the problem of radiation of marble tiles cannot be understood as radiation or non-radiation in a general way. As long as it is within the standards prescribed by the country, we can understand that marble tiles are radiation-free.

          Does the marble tile have radiation? The answer is obvious. As long as the marble tiles we buy are within the nationally prescribed radiation standards, there will be no radiation problem and no threat to our human health. So when we buy marble tiles, we ca n’t choose cheap marble tiles because we are greedy for cheap. Maybe this may actually cause some radiation damage to our human body.