How to choose the kitchen ceramic tiles?

How to choose the kitchen ceramic tiles?

September 15, 2020

Tile has a wide range of applications, which can be installed on the wall or laid on the ground. The reason why the kitchen uses more bricks is because the kitchen is a humid place, so it is not possible to use any kind of tiles. So, how to choose ceramic tiles in the kitchen?

1, choose small size

Generally speaking, the kitchen is relatively small, with windows, doors and cabinets, and the net area is relatively small. Therefore, in order to avoid waste and maintain space coordination, small-size tiles should be selected, which can reduce the waste of tiles when paving, and avoid the inconvenience caused by cutting large products.

2, choose matte

Many people think that laying matte tiles will make it difficult to clean and clean. In fact, this is wrong. Laying matte tiles is not only very easy to clean, but also of good quality. And its delicate and simple luster can show the owner's elegant aesthetics, making the taste of the kitchen more harmonious and natural.

3, cool colors are the first choice

(1) The operating environment of the kitchen is a high temperature environment. The colors chosen should be mainly light and cool colors, such as white, light green, light gray and other colors.

(2) This color can make people feel the breath and coolness of spring under high temperature conditions, and the light color can make people feel that the space is expanding and extending, so as to avoid dark colors that make people feel dull and depressed in a small space.

4. Avoid using waist line

Avoid using waistline, because the use of waistline in a small space will make the space appear messy and bulky, but a few flowers can be spread appropriately to make the kitchen show more vitality and romance.

5. Avoid waste

There are a lot of cabinets in the kitchen, but the back of the cabinets should not be tiled, because it is a waste to put tiles in such a place completely blocked by the cabinets.