How to purchase ceramic tiles correctly?

How to purchase ceramic tiles correctly?

January 17, 2021

Ceramic tiles for engineering are usually selected: vitrified tiles and full polished glaze. As for which ceramic tile to choose, it mainly depends on where it is used.

1. Look at the product packaging.

At present, the ceramic tiles on the market are packaged in cartons, and the production name, product name, trademark, specifications, size, color number, quantity and other specifications are printed on the packaging box. The product certificate is also placed in the box. Under normal circumstances, when choosing the correct ceramic tile, you must choose a product with complete identification and clear product content. In particular, pay attention to whether the selected tiles are consistent with the specifications and color numbers marked on the packaging box.

2. Look at the appearance of the product.

When consumers purchase engineering ceramic tiles, they can choose a few tiles from the packing box for inspection to see if the surface has the following defects, such as lack of glaze, spots, cracks, bumps, glaze bubbles, peeling, ripples, etc. . Normally, visual inspection is carried out at a distance of 3 meters from the ceramic tiles, and the defects are not obvious enough to affect the use. And each tile has a product trademark on the back.

3. Look at the color difference of the product.

Because in the decoration process, a lot of tiles are needed. If the ceramic tiles have obvious color difference, it will affect the decoration effect. Therefore, when purchasing ceramic tiles, consumers must sample and compare all packaged products and observe the changes in color difference. However, those with large color differences cannot be selected. It should also be noted that the color of each box of tiles is consistent with or without color difference.

4. Listen to the sound of tiles.

To distinguish the quality of tiles, in addition to looking at the surface, but also to check with listening. When purchasing ceramic tiles, consumers can use percussion to distinguish the inherent quality of the ceramic tiles from the sound.