Is Full Body Marble Tile quality wearable?

Is Full Body Marble Tile quality wearable?

June 22, 2020

  Full Body Marble Tile The entire brick body can achieve the perfect texture rendering effect from any angle and any cutting method. It is a real texture through body, high-end atmosphere.

       Before the appearance of Full Body Marble Tile, the tiles were divided into full-body and non-full-body. Under normal circumstances, full-body refers to unglazed tiles, that is, through the change of the raw material of the brick to present the surface decoration effect of the tile A type of ceramic tiles, such as solid color solid bricks, mixed color solid bricks and granular cloth solid bricks.
       In product categories, from the earliest wear-resistant bricks, exterior wall tiles to later polished tiles, antique bricks, square bricks, etc., the whole body brick has always been the best-selling ceramic tile in the market.

       The general consensus in the industry is that the whole body is the same as the surface, back and inside of the tile. It is possible to show the change of the surface of the tile through the change of the powder of the green body, rather than the change of the glaze and the printing process like the glazed tile. The change.

        Full Body Marble Tile is on the body of the ceramic tile. The color, texture, and function are infinitely close to the natural stone rock layer. The texture texture is more transparent, and the color of the tile is from the surface to the inside. It is infinitely close to the natural stone. The degree is evident