Marble Glazed Ceramic Tiles choose half fill or full fill?

Marble Glazed Ceramic Tiles choose half fill or full fill?

March 19, 2020

Marble Glazed Ceramic Tiles need to be caulked when paving, but many times because of the different caulking process, they will choose to use semi-caulking, and some will choose full filling. Which one to choose for construction?

Semi-filling is generally performed by using a jointing agent before filling with a beauty joint. If it is filled directly with a joint, this method is what we call full filling. In general, it is recommended to use full filling during decoration. Although this method will use more during construction, it will be more durable during subsequent use, so it is less likely to be used later. The case of cracking. Another advantage of semi-filling during construction is cost savings.

Marble Glazed Ceramic Tiles
Therefore, in the decoration of homes, it is still recommended to choose a full filling method for construction. On the one hand, because two seams are required for the work of seams and joints, they will be more troublesome. One reason is that the quality of construction using the semi-filling process is worse than full filling.

Marble Glazed Ceramic Tiles have their own advantages when they are half-filled and full-filled. When decorating, it is best to choose the appropriate construction method according to the budget and the requirements for decoration.