porcelain tiles like marble are used in villa decoration

porcelain tiles like marble are used in villa decoration

September 28, 2020

porcelain tiles like marble are used in villa decoration
        The villa is a luxurious residence in this "snail dwelling era", and it is people's yearning for relaxed living conditions. Therefore, in addition to satisfying the owner’s exquisite pursuit of life, a reasonable space positioning is also very important when the designer is designing. Modern villas should reflect their own functionality, but this functionality has more luxurious habits and spiritual pursuits than ordinary apartments. There are many kinds of marbles, the colors are also ever-changing, and they have very artistic patterns. Different porcelain tiles like marble can reflect different spatial textures. Using porcelain tiles like marble as paving materials is the easiest to show and enhance the position and effect of decorations. Therefore, more and more More consumers prefer the material of porcelain tiles like marble. Different decoration interfaces are suitable for different ways. Because porcelain tiles like marble are heavy, they are rarely used in top decoration. Therefore, in the interior decoration, the discussion mainly starts from the ground, wall and cylindrical surface.
        Floor decoration
        When laying and pasting the pattern, we should pay attention to the arrangement of colors and directions. Using the texture of porcelain tiles like marble can change the spatial shape of the room, enhance the atmosphere, increase the vivid decorative effect, and change the visual scale of the space. For example: the vertical texture decoration makes the space appear high visually; the horizontal texture can increase the width of the space; the rough and wide texture can also reduce the space; on the contrary, the small pattern will enlarge the narrow space. For example: in the floor paving, if you want to make the space have a sense of depth, you should lay the marble tile texture along the length of the ground; on the contrary, the horizontal paving will have the effect of expanding the space; in the wall, the linear type Textured porcelain tiles like marble extend horizontally to make people feel stable and reduce the height of the space; if the texture is inclined at a certain angle, it will give the space agility. Different textures are applied in different ways to bring different visual feelings to people.

      Wall decoration
        Using porcelain tiles like marble as wall materials can not only protect the appearance of the building, but also maximize the use of the characteristics of porcelain tiles like marble to decorate the space. The decoration of the wall is more flexible than the ground, such as the whole wall, or the finish of the fireplace, through different shapes and the space gap, the wall can be uneven and the space is full of rhythm. It can also be processed by different processes. The pillars mainly play a load-bearing role, and the abrupt cement pillars destroy the aesthetics of the interior decoration. In the interior decoration, the decoration of the column is also very important. The use of porcelain tiles like marble as the finish of the cement column is unmatched by other materials. In addition to the decoration of the columns of the building itself, the space is usually divided with false columns, especially in the European style.

  Use marble to create a different bathroom space
        In recent years, as the functionalization of houses has become increasingly clear, the function of the bathroom is developing from a traditional single function to an all-round development of personal private life, and the decoration level of the bathroom has almost become the criterion of the residential grade. The basic meaning of the word “bathroom” is to make the body clean by taking a bath. This is a imaginative space and a place that best reflects the owner’s enjoyment in life. The modern bathroom design is closely linked to this theme.
        Because the bathroom space is in a humid environment, the material has high requirements for waterproof and moisture-proof performance. The waterproof and moisture-proof performance of porcelain tiles like marble has undoubtedly become the first choice of customers. It not only satisfies the waterproof and moisture-proof, but also has an excellent decorative effect. Beautify the space. The performance of porcelain tiles like marble is softer and the price is higher, but the pattern color is decorated with grace and luxury, highlighting the noble quality of the bathroom space. In the selection of porcelain tiles like marble, the material tends to be harder and denser. Try to avoid marble with soft material and high water absorption. Light-colored porcelain tiles like marble are better tolerant to slight soapy water pollution than dark porcelain tiles like marble. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use dark porcelain tiles like marble such as black in bathrooms and bathrooms, so that the pollution degree of porcelain tiles like marble is relatively small. In the bathroom space, the colors are light, elegant and cool to show cleanliness. porcelain tiles like marble have a high decorative value. It is a wonderful effect both as a paving in the bathroom and as a decoration.

  No matter where the marble is used, attention should be paid to the connection and transition between materials. In addition, it should also be noted that different interfaces should adopt appropriate construction methods. Especially when several major interfaces adopt a unified material, more attention should be paid to how to distinguish them, so that the entire space is unified.