Reasons for color difference on marble porcelain floor tile

Reasons for color difference on marble porcelain floor tile

March 28, 2020

        The marble porcelain floor tile is widely praised by users because of its beautiful texture and good usability of the tile, but some people may also be confused. Why do you sometimes find that the texture position of the marble tile is not unified when you buy it home? In some places, it may look a bit abrupt. What is the reason for the color difference in marble tiles?

       When the water absorption rate of marble porcelain floor tile is large, if the water is insufficient or uneven when paving. Then the color difference will appear after the paving because of the uneven moisture content. Sometimes the color difference may even occur due to different paving positions, but these problems can be avoided as long as the paving staff is professional enough.

marble porcelain floor tile
        In the production process of marble porcelain floor tiles, problems such as uneven spraying of glaze, or uneven temperature of the kiln, as well as uneven polishing, etc. appear. These are also likely to cause color differences. Therefore, regular marble tile manufacturers will strictly sort the tiles according to the inspection standards before putting them into the warehouse. If color difference products are found, they will be directly downgraded or eliminated.

        The reason for the appearance of the flower piece and the waist line is generally because the wall tiles of the same color are processed twice. When this situation is encountered, there will also be a color difference. Color differences like tiles, waistlines and wall tiles are inevitable.

        It is also in the process of replenishment, because the tiles are not produced in the same batch, then there may be some gaps between the colors when using. Some of the reasons for the color difference of marble tiles are due to the problem of the production process as the production process, and some are due to the color difference effect sought by the designer.