Simple analysis of the seven advantages of marble tiles

Simple analysis of the seven advantages of marble tiles

December 22, 2020

Marble tiles have realistic decorative effects and superior practicability. Its surface texture is natural and delicate, comfortable texture, and diverse in styles, which have won more and more consumers' favor. The following briefly introduces the seven advantages of marble tiles.

First, high hardness and strong wear resistance

The main component of natural marble is calcium carbonate, which is easily weathered and corroded by carbon dioxide, carbides and moisture in the atmosphere. The hardness of natural marble is level 3 and is laid on the ground. With the length of time of use, the phenomenon of fraying and abrasion is prone to appear. Marble tiles have the superior performance of ceramic tiles, with a Mohs hardness of 4-5, plus surface glaze protection, so that the product has high wear resistance.

Second, high flexural strength, not easy to break

The flexural strength of the tiles is above 30mpa, which determines the thickness of the tiles is only 10mm-14mm. However, natural marble has low flexural strength due to its naturalness, generally only about 10mpa, so the thickness is generally 20mm to 25mm. Compared with marble tiles, the thickness of natural marble increases a series of burdens in the decoration process, such as increasing the weight per square meter, high transportation costs, difficult paving, and large space occupation. In contrast, marble tiles are An energy saver in the decoration field.

Third, low water absorption and strong antifouling

Since natural marble is naturally formed in the earth's crust, the density cannot be as dense as marble tiles. There are micropores and gaps, and the water absorption rate is 0.7%-1.0%. It is easy to absorb water and dirt, and it is difficult to take care of. The marble tiles are formed by mechanical high pressure, with high density, water absorption rate ≤0.3%, and not easy to absorb water. Once there is a stain, you only need to wipe it off with a rag to achieve convenient household cleaning.

Fourth, it is easy to process and not easily broken

Marble tiles are produced by pressing top-quality raw materials and equipment. They can be ground, cut and processed according to the needs of home decoration, and are not easy to crack and deform. In comparison, natural marble will have natural cracks to some extent, so in the process of making large slabs, it is necessary to repair glue, which has very high processing requirements.

marble tile

Fifth, strictly monitor and reject color difference

Natural marble generally has impurities, and there are sometimes obvious differences among its various mine sites, including color, texture, and texture. Therefore, color difference has become an uncontrollable factor. The marble tiles are mass-produced, intelligent and double-checked and monitored by personnel, ensuring the color number, almost no color difference, and ensuring the overall effect after paving.

Sixth, high quality materials and stable supply

Natural marble is non-renewable, and resource scarcity is its essential problem. Therefore, it is difficult to obtain supply guarantee and quality assurance when used in large quantities. The marble tiles choose high-quality stone varieties, through industrialized numerical control production, the source of goods can be guaranteed, and the supply is stable.

Seventh, it's easy to take care of and will last forever

The care of natural marble is more complicated, and the surface of the stone needs to be cleaned by professional machine grinding and polishing. The care cost is high, and the care is required once every six months, which is relatively expensive. The surface of the marble tile product adopts the uneven color technology, so that the dirt has no place to hide, and the daily care is easy and worry-free. Only simple care can make the surface of the product last longer.