Understand the way of laying marble tiles.

Understand the way of laying marble tiles.

February 09, 2021

Marble tiles can be used in a wide range of applications. They can be used in iconic engineering buildings that require a sense of dignity and glory; they can also be used in private mansions that show their personal style; marble tiles can be used on floors, walls, indoor and outdoor walls, and floors. So, do you know what are the ways to lay marble tiles?

1. Traditional laying of marble tiles.

Marble tiles are laid parallel to the wall. The joints of the bricks are aligned, and the joints are treated with a jointing agent similar to the brick color, which looks clean and tidy. Suitable for modern minimalist style. Rectangular or square tile paving can make the entire space appear spacious and make the simple space more refined.

2. Rhombus diagonal paving of marble tiles.

Marble tiles are suitable for European and Chinese styles, as well as modern minimalist styles, and the effect is more atmospheric and fashionable. Small square tiles are laid obliquely, suitable for small areas for local decoration.

3. The back-shaped paving of marble tiles.

Marble tiles use tile secondary cutting growth strips, and use different colors around the main tiles to form the vision of "back". Exquisite, special and unforgettable. In addition to single-layer wording, it can also be used by stacking or combining and collage, which is double-looking.

4. Dot matrix paving of marble tiles.

The dot-matrix paving of marble tiles can be called gypsophila in the industry. A small accessory is like stars, embellishing different aesthetic feelings in space.