What is Anion Functional Tile?

What is Anion Functional Tile?

December 04, 2019

          The ceramic industry equipment technology has become more advanced and developed many ceramics with special functions. Now we are going to discuss Anion Functional Tile. What is the role of Anion Functional Tile?

          Anion Functional Tile, as the name suggests, is a tile with negative ion function. This tile focuses on green, healthy and sustainable development. Negative ions are negatively charged gas ions in the air. They have the functions of bacteriostasis, dust removal and deodorization, improving the body's immunity and improving the heart. They can also neutralize the positive charge. radiation.

         Negative ions can not only promote the synthesis and storage of related vitamins in the human body, but also strengthen and activate the physiological activities of the human body. Therefore, they are also called "air vitamins" which have a very important impact on the life activities of the human body and other organisms.

         Judging from the above, negative ions are indeed a good thing, which is in line with the current popular health concept. What kind of sparks will it collide when applied to ceramic tiles?