What is the reason why the floor tiles become more and more foggy?

What is the reason why the floor tiles become more and more foggy?

November 27, 2020

Soon after the floor tiles were laid, the surface seemed to be covered by a misty gray, which looked very open. No matter how you wash it, the floor tiles cannot be completely clean and tidy. Why does the original gorgeous, smooth and delicate floor tiles look like this?

The following five reasons may cause this situation.

1. The polished tiles did not remove the wax layer on the floor surface before leaving the factory. Manufacturers usually wax and wax the small holes on the tiles to achieve the effect of making the floor tiles "more beautiful, cleaner and tidy". In the process of logistics transportation and paving, the wax layer on the surface of the tiles will be damaged or scratched, making the floor tiles look dull. In this case, the consumer group can first remove the wax, and then polish and wax again, so that the texture of the floor tiles can be restored.

2. Choosing the wrong cleaning agent will corrode the floor tiles. There are acid and alkali cleaners, and different floor tiles and stains use different cleaners. If you use detergent indiscriminately, it will seriously damage the tile surface. Using a high-concentration cleaning agent will corrode the bright layer of the floor tiles, resulting in sharp dents on the surface, not smooth to the touch, textureless and very easy to stain.

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3. Replace the ceramic glaze. If the tiles are wiped cleanly and analyzed from different angles, the smoothness of the surface of the tiles is still high, and the root cause of the floor fog is probably part of the chemical reaction caused by the ceramics. Embryo glaze. , Thus forming a "white fog". In this case, there is usually no way to improve, only to replace the bricks.

4. The cleaning method is unreasonable. Pay special attention when cleaning to avoid serious damage to the glaze layer, and gently scrub with a soft brush. When using sharp tools, such as utility knives and wire balls, pay special attention to avoid scratching the enamel on the floor tiles.

5. The stain penetrates into the floor tiles from the beginning. After cleaning the floor tiles, wipe them immediately. Do not leave watermarks on the surface of the tiles. Otherwise, stains will re-infiltrate the floor tiles, and the floor tiles will easily lose their freshness and natural beauty. Failure to wipe the tile grout after filling and the phenomenon of remaining on the surface of the floor tiles are also one of the fundamental reasons.