What is the style of marble tile decoration?

What is the style of marble tile decoration?

March 08, 2021

Nowadays, many people like to use marble tiles for decoration, so today I will briefly introduce the style of marble tile decoration?

1. Modern and simple style.

Marble tiles are used in modern minimalist style decoration, mainly to express a kind of modernism. Generally, white or simple gray texture is used as the background color. The gray or black light-grained marble tile paving can not only create a noble and luxurious temperament, but also give the entire living room a strong cultural atmosphere, which further reflects the elegant quality of life of the homeowner.

2. Classic style.

Brown, yellow or white light-colored marble tiles can dilute the dim and dull atmosphere of classical home decoration. Classical home environment is generally darker in color. If you choose marble tiles with soft color, uniform texture, and fine light perception to decorate, it can not only dilute the dull atmosphere of the overall home space, but also enhance the spaciousness of the space and make the space very quiet. , Soft, full of low-key luxury style.

3. Mix and match styles.

In the decoration of mix and match styles, attention should be paid to the simplicity and complexity of marble tiles, and the matching of dark and light colors. If it is a simple style, the space color should be light-colored series. At this time, it can be matched with marble tiles with a slightly exaggerated style and a more complex color. This can make the entire space look distinct and show its individuality.