Why are full-body marble tile expensive?

Why are full-body marble tile expensive?

October 15, 2020

The so-called "full body" means that the color and texture of the ceramic tiles are almost consistent with the surface effect. Whole body marble tiles, its glaze layer to the bottom of the body is from the surface to the inside, no matter the groove, chamfering, edging, the brick body can achieve the texture rendering effect from any angle and cutting method. So why are full-body marble tiles expensive? There are three main reasons, one is the production technology, the second is the material technology, and the third is the color effect.

Three-dimensional full-body production technology, difficult operation in the tile industry.

The whole body marble tile focuses on the shaping of the tile and brick. Therefore, the structure of the tile and brick is an important part of the whole body marble tile. Through the shaping of the brick embryo, the surface and the inside are the same. The tile can be cut from any angle to get a consistent texture. Currently, there are three popular whole-body production techniques: dry mixing, wet mixing, and pipe cutting.

1. Dry mixing, dry mixing is also called dry mixing coloring, that is, after the raw materials are sprayed and granulated into the powder storage tank to complete the aging, the powder particles enter the mixing drum through the conveyor belt to add the coloring material.

2. Wet mixing, that is, coloring with pigments during the ball milling stage of the raw materials.

3. Discharging by pipe, that is, filling materials of different colors in the cloth multi-pipe branch.

So the reason why full-body marble tiles are expensive is that the high difficulty of the full-body manufacturing technology will increase the difficulty of manufacturing the whole-body marble, lengthen the time for ceramic tile production, and increase the cost of ceramic tiles, so the price is naturally expensive.

First, select high-quality materials, high craftsmanship, and high-quality products.

As the "nobleman" in the ceramic tile industry, the whole body marble must be carefully selected from the raw materials. Each piece of the whole body marble is selected top-quality stone, using digital temperature control technology, the ceramic tile firing temperature range is wide, so as to ensure that the whole body marble tile raw materials are fully fired into shape.

The whole body marble tile uses the dry process of the whole body brick in the process, and the hardness and density of the brick body are greatly improved. In addition, each piece of factory ceramic tile has two passes of organic inspection and manual inspection. Therefore, the high requirements of the whole-body marble tile craftsmanship have high product performance.

Second, the texture and color are close to the quality change effect of natural marble, and the texture is outstanding.

The whole body marble tile truly realizes the uniformity of the pattern and texture. The processing of chamfering, slotting, and carving (carving) can be carried out at will, and the pattern and texture effect of the overall decoration will not be affected. It is precisely because the color, texture and function of the whole body marble tile on the ceramic tile body are infinitely close to the qualitative change effect of natural stone. It is no different from natural marble, and its texture and texture are more outstanding than ordinary tiles.

The above is a brief introduction about the whole body marble. The whole body marble tile is better than ordinary ordinary marble tiles in terms of production technology, material craftsmanship and color performance. It is closer to the rock layer quality effect of natural marble, the texture is more transparent, and the decorative effect More excellent.