ceramic tiles recyclable MT8816P

  • ceramic tiles recyclable MT8816P
  • ceramic tiles recyclable MT8816P
  • ceramic tiles recyclable MT8816P

ceramic tiles recyclable MT8816P

Category: Full Body Marble Tile


Finish: Glossy

Application Space: Public Area, Living Room

Usage Area:Wall, Floor


Product Details


1. Full body with marble patterns:The tiles are replicas of real marble inside out, with the quality of natural elegance and prestige. 
2. Natural cutting edges:No matter what processing techniques are involved, the results are all fully natural finish, which gives you a great final decorative effect. 
3. Realistic colors:Showing the colors of natural marble and achieving realistic effect with dynamic decorative results.
ceramic tiles recyclable
ceramic tiles recyclable​​​​​​​

Product processing techniques

1. 3D smart analysis technology
Working with 3D smart analysis technology extracting the essence of structure of natural marbles, and by precision arrangement of mixture of materials and baking it in 1250 degree heat, we managed to produce a replica of natural marble inside out. 
2. Multi-layer printing technology
By selecting high quality imported glazing materials, and applying multi-layer high definition ink jet printing technology, we re-created the natural wonders of real marble with vivid colors and realistic patterns, which shows clear layers and natural textures. The result is stunning. 
3. 3D full body material placing technology
By applying fine coloring process and multi-course precision material placing technology, we have achieved the results which the natural marble layer pattern variation effect has been imbed into both the tile itself and the glazing layers, giving the tile near lifelike appearance of real stones.