• cream matt porcelain tile MQ6615P
  • cream matt porcelain tile MQ6615P

cream matt porcelain tile MQ6615P

Category: Polished Glazed Porcelain 


Finish: Glossy

Application Space: Living Room, Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bathroom

Usage Area:Wall, Floor




Product Details


cream matt porcelain tile

Product processing techniques

5D ink jet printing super smooth glazing technology

Achieving 5D result on the surface of tiles with CCD technology, with enhanced relief effect, giving you genuine fine texture experience. Polished Glazed Porcelain uses the leading technology of the industry, not only does it increase the thickness of the glaze, but also finally solved the problems to achieve smooth surface, resulting in the production of natural looking, relief like perfect stone material.



V+2 multi-course processing technology

V+2 processing technology breakthrough: super smooth and super shining multi-course process has achieved the perfect match of outstanding appearance and flawless quality, resulting in a tender with smooth and shining surface, which makes the joint even more seamless and the entire visual effect even more pleasing. The multi-course technology makes the tiles more stain-resistant.




Stone pattern by mixture of color and glaze technology

The perfect mixture of color and glaze brings richer colors to the tiles, resulting in multi-patterns on single surface, meeting the demands of consumers in achieving various dream combinations of tiles in all kinds of circumstances.