eco tile manufacturer 3-CY8151P

  • eco tile manufacturer 3-CY8151P
  • eco tile manufacturer 3-CY8151P

eco tile manufacturer 3-CY8151P

Category: Soft Marble Porcelain


Finish: Soft Light

Application Space: Bedroom,Bathroom, Dining Room,Living Room

Usage Area:Wall, Floor


Product Details


  • Soft-reflection
  • Durable and Stain-resistant
  • Broad application
  • Soft-warm touch
  • Easy processing 

Product processing techniques

1. 3D multi-carving technology
With industry-leading 3D multi-carving techniques and comprehensive analysis of natural stone structures, we have achieved realism in making replicas of natural stones, reflecting their full original appearances, with 3D decorative results.


2. Soft-reflection / sight protection technology
We have selected the finest soft reflection glaze over ordinary glaze, which put the reflection rate at 20% approximately. The result is a soft-warm texture surface that feels like baby skin with vivid natural colors, gentle on the eye.



3. Glazing crystal particle technology
A perfect combination of super durable particles and soft-reflection glazing evenly applied on the surface of tiles, baked in 1250℃ for a long period of time, resulting in a protection layer of high density, ensuring the outstanding quality of the tiles, which are non-slip and more durable. eco tile manufacturer


eco tile manufacturer